Celebrities and Private Schools in Los Angeles

When it comes to private schools in Los Angeles, celebrities are no strangers. From Lily Collins and Billie Lourd to Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, many famous faces have sent their children to the city's top schools. Harvard Westlake, Sierra Canyon, Archer, and Oakwood are just a few of the prestigious institutions that have welcomed celebrity kids. But what makes these schools so special?Harvard Westlake is one of the most sought-after private schools in Los Angeles.

With only three to four applicants competing for each place, it's no wonder why. Parents and consultants can expect up to four hours of homework a night, although the school says up to two and a half. On Grandparents and Special Friends Day, a father brought DiCaprio, which made the grandparents of other children seem quite ordinary. Archer is another popular school among celebrities.

Located in the former Eastern Star building built in 1931 by architect William Mooser, the quaint school has admitted students from 155 high schools in 81 zip codes. It's known for its high academic level and special writing skills, as well as its computer science department which offers a course on mobile application development. Agnes Moorehead was the first Hollywood mother to send her child there, followed by Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, Roger Vadim, and Elvis Presley. Madonna sent her children Lola Leon and Rocco Ritchie to the school, as did the former Jolie-Pitts who moved their kids around the world.Sierra Canyon is one of the two secular private schools that ranked among the top 10 percent of standardized tests in the U.

S. While one percent is well represented (in a recent upper class, four students came from families with private planes), industry names such as television executive Steve Mosko, Tom Cruise, producer David Hoberman, Heather Locklear, and even Donald Trump have sent or are sending their children there (Tiffany Trump graduated in 2001).Oakwood is another popular school among celebrities. Founded by a group of parents in a North Hollywood backyard in 1951, Oakwood follows a progressive approach with an emphasis on visual and performing arts (there are eight jazz bands in the school). The outdoors is an important part of the school spirit; students can work in the edible and organic community garden or collect eggs from the chicken coop. Classrooms with various ages are also common. Katie Holmes moved her daughter Suri to New York City where she began attending Chelsea International School.

School publishers took care to balance service with privacy issues; they checked with each of the private schools that no child currently enrolled is identifiable unless a parent has given permission in an interview or their presence has been widely reported. When it comes to private schools in Los Angeles, celebrities have certainly made their mark. From Harvard Westlake to Oakwood, these prestigious institutions have welcomed some of Hollywood's most famous faces. With high academic standards and unique approaches to learning, it's no wonder why these schools are so popular among celebrities.