How Much Does Private Schooling Cost in England?

The cost of private education in England has skyrocketed in recent years, with the average cost per child now reaching up to £20,480 a year. This is a hefty sum for parents to pay, and it's no wonder that many are looking for ways to save money. But how much do private schools actually cost? Let's take a look at some of the most expensive schools in England and what they offer.The most expensive school in London is Westminster School, which costs £9,903 per year. Right outside Surrey is Hurtwood House, which costs £9,916 per year.

Bradfield College in Berkshire is slightly cheaper at £10,360 per quarter. Sherborne School in Dorset costs £10,475 per quarter, and St Edward's School in Oxford costs £10,530 per quarter.Bryanston in Devon is sometimes referred to as “Bry” and costs £10,849 per quarter. Music classes are mandatory here. Marlborough College in Wiltshire costs £12,605 per term and Radley College in Oxford costs £12,775 per quarter.

Benenden School in Kent is an all-girls school and costs £13,124 per quarter. Harrow School in London costs £13,350 per term and Eton College costs £14,167 per term.Boarding schools are more expensive than day schools as they include additional expenses such as travel. Many schools offer scholarships to attract the most qualified students and some accept children as young as three years old. Private schools tend to be at the top of the A-level ranking and their students are more likely to apply to the most selective universities.A study of 24,360 candidates who had attended a private school and 184,580 who had attended a public school found that 64.9 percent of the former obtained a first or second higher degree compared to 52.7 percent of the latter.

There are around 2,600 independent schools in the UK educating about 615,000 children.The type of private school you attend can also affect its cost because of the costs of other things such as travel and accommodation. Private schools may also have better quality classes with smaller classes on average but this depends on each school.The exact location of a private school can also make a difference in cost; those located in London may be slightly higher than those located elsewhere. Private schools in Northern Ireland are considerably cheaper than those in the rest of the UK; Rockport School is the most expensive but their boarding fees amount to only £26,160 per year.